A short film that introduces you to my life in Leeds and the travels that came along with it. Through self reflection I come to realize that the lifestyle I lived in Leeds can be implemented anywhere in the world as I seek greater work opportunities beyond the GTA.


A comedy/documentary following the strange, but true story about my childhood friends and I killing it on YouTube back in the day. We used to make videos for fun, it's as simple as that... but we also could have made a lot of money in the process. With the help of my friends, I am able to reflect on our 2008 YouTube 'success'  and host a party to celebrate our pivot animation reaching 2,000,000 views. Memes and intentional spelling mistakes are scatered throughout. Viewer discretion is advised.

HORS JEUX (2018)

A short film Emma Janelle and myself cooked up that takes place court side downtown Toronto. While out on a photo shoot, we decided to create something a little different from what we are used to. The first of a few short films we hope to make throughout the summer of 2018 as we continue to practice out film making and acting skills respectively.


Swamped between freelance work and moving away for the summer, I had one week to make a video for ME. Next thing you know I'm running around Manhattan and finding the time to say goodbye to KW and my friends in the best way possible. If I have my camera and my friends by my side, nothing can stop me. Go Film Things. Enjoy!


Part 2 of 3 of the go film things series, Go Film Things 2 follows the first morning I spent in Iceland with my friends Tyler and Emily. I wanted to stay away from the typical travel video edit, yet manage to share things I filmed on my sony and captured on film with my pentax. This is that!  


My buddy Tom had a 24 hour stop-over in Ontario on his way home from Spain. I was stoked to see Tom and live in the moment, but we ended up making a pretty sweet video out of the weekend... We focused on living it but couldn't resist picking up the camera and making something. (Note: we edited this together with a 4000km distance between the two of us!)


10 Years Ago I made a tobogganing video with Tyler Johnston & Declan Outhit. 10 YEARS AGO!!! Needless to say it was the inspiration I needed to invite a bunch of my friends over to party and toboggan on a beautiful, and surprisingly warm February afternoon over the weekend. Not a fan of climate change, so I will be making a video in the future to address this. BUT for now, take a look at the weekend that was with my best friends. If you want to get involved with my next creative project, JUST REACH OUT!